IP Soybean Program

Our focus has always been to help the producer capture marketing opportunities by offering simple, straight-forward contracts and by promoting a profit based program with an emphasis on seizing profitable marketing opportunities when available. Our simple menu of offerings includes Target Contract, Forward Contract, Spot Sale, Minimum Price Contract and Delayed Price Contract. Additionally, we offer acre contracts with premiums paid per bushel on variety specific Non-GMO food grade soybeans.

Are you interested in an additional opportunity to enhance your profit per acre? We are looking for producers who are presently growing IP, food grade Non-GMO soybeans or have interest in learning the requirements to produce these varieties in exchange for a premium per bushel above local market price. Our staff is prepared to acquaint you with the necessary practices to produce these specialty grains that command a premium. Contact us today for more information.

Available In: Indiana - Kentucky - Michigan - Ohio - Pennsylvania

For more information, please contact:

5750 N. Greenville Falls-Clayton Rd
Covington, OH 45318
800-336-2025 telephone
937-473-5239 fax