Organic, Transitional, IP, Non-GMO – Food & Feed Soybeans

Clarkson Grain buys Non-GMO, Organic & Transition Soybeans. We can pick up on your farm or bid for delivery to several locations. Several different soybean varieties accepted from the 2015 crop, as well as contracts open for 2016 production including crops in Transition to Organic. Clarkson has been buying specialty soybeans since 1974 & operates several elevator locations as well as an active cross country trading program. Our goal is to connect growers with end users seeking specific soybean properties and process characteristics. Call or email us for specific bids.


Available In: Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Michigan - Minnesota - Missouri - Nebraska - Ohio - Oklahoma - South Dakota

For more information, please contact:

320 East South St
PO Box 80
Cerro Gordo, IL 61818-0080
217 763-2861 x 133 telephone
217 763-2111 fax