Quality of the United States Food Soybean Crop: 2008 
This report provides state by state food soybean quality information (protein and oil), regional quality averages by seed size (protein, oil, and carbohydrates), and quality trends for the entire US commodity soybean crop. The commodity soybean crop information is provided as a guide for better understanding the regional environmental influences affecting both commodity and food soybean crops. 

Varietal Information Program for Soybeans (VIPS) 
Are you considering a new variety of seed? Are you wondering how it will yield or resist disease? Use the VIPS website to compare test data on over 450 varieties of soybean seed. Most low-linolenic varieties are included on the site.

Soybean Quality Traits 
The American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS) introduced the AOCS-USB Soybean Quality Traits Analytical Standards Program (SQT), a system of verification in analytical measurement in 2000. This program provides the infrastructure for the generation of reliable analytical results at all levels of the soybean industry by establishing industry-wide acceptance of analytical methods and protocols and their implementation under internationally accepted quality management standards. 

USDA-Illinois Value Enhanced Grain Summary Report 
This report describes the Value Enhanced grain premiums paid to Illinois growers.

As part of QUALISOY, you are soybean check off partners with representatives from every level of the soybean value chain. The goal is to develop and promote value-added soybean traits. Most recently, QUALISOY efforts helped to develop low-linolenic soybean varieties. Today, those low-lin varieties are meeting demand in the food industry by providing healthier soybean oil with little to no trans fat. Click the link below for more information on how QUALISOY is helping you.

World's Best Beans 
Soybean protein and oil content are important considerations when choosing varieties for your farm. Your customers buy meal and oil, so varieties with higher protein and oil content are in greater demand. Your soybean check off works with universities and seed companies to develop high-yielding soybean varieties with high protein and oil content that satisfy this growing demand. These varieties keep demand and prices for your soybeans high. So, when you choose varieties, compare the agronomics, and then choose the varieties that deliver the highest protein and oil content. Click the link below for more. 

Information Regarding Soybean Premiums Opportunities 

This report emphasizes the importance of enhanced-quality soybeans and represents the impact of maximizing profit per acre on soybean farmers.