Growing specialty soybeans can make a lot of cents.

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Suppliers of  YELLOW soybeans non GMO, from Benin in west Africa

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IP Soybean Program

Our focus has always been to help the producer...

2016 Crop Pioneer 92M10 Non-GMO Soybean Production

Currently contracting 2016 crop production for...

Organic Feed Soybeans (Contract based on Acres of soybeans)

Contracting dedicated acres of feed grade...

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No one ever said soybeans have to be a commodity.  Selling differentiated soybeans can bring in extra revenue without having to expand acres. Buyers are looking for higher quality soybeans. With land values where they are, isn't it time you looked into getting more return on your planted acres?

Some of the more common soybean premium programs tend to be for non-GMO food grade soybeans, high oleic soybeans, and soybeans for seed. Producers of non-GMO and organic soybeans can benefit as well. Whether you have Roundup Ready soybeans for sale or another specialty soybean available, chances are you’ll find a more appealing option for selling your soybean crop right here.

Buyers offering these premiums are encouraged to post their premiums on our site. Why not take an expanded look at the soybean market and see how you can benefit?

Growers can easily find these premium contracts and have a better opportunity to plan for their growing season to assure a better price for their soybeans. Just log in and create a user account. It’s that easy!

There are soybean premium programs available throughout the U.S. 
Locate a Premium Program near you.

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