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Non-GMO Soybean for premium Conventional and Organic

As a small IP grain company we are able to focus on the details that large commodity handlers simply do not have the time to deal with.  Our goal is to provide the growers with the necessary tools to maximize his profits by growing the highest quality NON-GMO and Organic grains to feed the world.  We are currently still looking for acres for the 2018 crop season.


We source our soybeans from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana


For more information, please contact

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2018 Organic Soybean Contracts Highly Competitive

-Acreage based contract for Purchase of Organic feed-grade soybeans

-Fall / Winter pickups FOB or Delivered Danville,PA

-Every state in USA invited to join

-Weekly Payments

-Whatever your dedicated acres produce (whether poor, average, or record) yields we will pick it ALL up

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Scoular — Non-GMO, Variety Specific Soybeans

Scoular is now buying soybeans! CALL US for bids on variety specific, Non-GMO soybeans. PICKED UP on the farm or DELIVERED bids. Many varieties accepted. 2017 & 2018 CROP contracts are now being written throughout the United States.


Scoular is a 125 year old company with nearly $6.0 billion in annual sales. We have offices and facilities throughout the United States and over 1200 employees. We supply food and feed manufacturers world wide.

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